Matchbook Capital is the entryway for innovative companies, brands, and products to receive capital, access to over 250,000 retailers, and iconic brand equity in emerging industries.

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Serving as the corporate venture arm for Swisher, Matchbook Capital is building a robust portfolio of products for adult consumers in a variety of lifestyle categories.

We empower founders and leaders with a unique set of resources and support to scale their innovative products in a truly symbiotic partnership.

Led by former entrepreneurs, we speak your language, understand your challenges, and are equally allergic to bullshit. We invest in great people with great products.

While our focus is on innovative consumer products and experiential platforms, we are also looking for smart people. If you work hard and have a big brain, take a look at our career page.

Our Fire Brings all the Brands to the Yard

Where we invest

Emerging Categories – Matchbook Capital believes in the future of the cannabinoid industries. While we cannot invest in companies that violate state or federal law, we are interested in adjacent opportunities including those of regulated cannabinoids.

Experiential Categories – building success extends beyond great products. If you are building a platform, a community, or experience, we want to hear from you. Show us your creativity.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) – we encourage companies innovating in the CPG space to reach out. Matchbook Capital offers capital, strategic guidance, and access to Swisher’s dominant distribution network for placing products into retail.

Investment Criteria

The Plan – we want to see your plan. Whether you are pre-revenue or profitable, describe your business plan, your goals, your dreams, and your route to achieving them.

The People – tell us about you and your team. Behind every great unicorn is a motivated, diligent, talented team and we want to hear about it.

The Product – whether you’ve created the “next best” consumable, platform, or patent, tell us why it is amazing, who your customers are, and why they love your product. Describe the problem you are solving and extra points if you have testing data or a testing plan.

We invest or acquire companies that are raising pre-seed to late-series capital and, regardless of stage, are always looking for the right opportunity to grow our portfolio and family.

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